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Get wholesale California avocados for your restaurant

Canonita Avocados, the finest California grown Hass

mail order avocados

Give your patrons the best Avocados you can get

Authentic Canonita Avocados

We’ll ship directly to your restaurant, custom sized orders of jumbo Canonita Avocados. $60 per single case and $50 per two or more. The best wholesale California avocados you can get. Fresh, delicious, and packaged with care. Your guests will be talking about these avocados.

Exceptional Quality

These Canonita Avocados are not the puny so-called “Hass” you’ll find in your store. They are jumbo, 100% naturally grown California avocados. You can put them on your menu by themselves and when your customers see them, you’ll only hear WOW!

Call now for authentic Canonita Avocados on your tables.

$60 per 1 case

$50 per 2 and more

Canonita Avocados
mail order avocados
Canonita Avocados
Canonita Avocados
Canonita Canyon Farm Presents

Wholesale California Avocados Restaurant Service

Your avocado-loving patrons will be raving about the size and depth of flavor of your new Canonita avocados. Put an ad or link to our Avocado Bomb on your homepage and we’ll give you a healthy discount!

Currently shipping domestic U.S. orders only.

Looking For Wholesale California Avocados?

$60/case or $50/two or more cases

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