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Fresh California Avocados by Mail Order

From our farm to your door.

Canonita Canyon Farm

The freshest California avocados available

Canonita Canyon Farm has been growing delicious Jumbo Hass California avocados since 1969. Dave and I moved in with our family and sought to continue the tradition of greatness that Canonita Avocados have known for so long.

We have decided to stop wholesaling and bring these incomparable California-grown mail order avocados straight from our farm to your table. Fresh and delicious. We want to share the very best our farm has to offer with you. Authentic Canonita Avocados make a delicious addition to any meal and shine as the main ingredient. We created the Avocado Bomb mailer so you will have everything you need to make amazing fresh guacamole right out of the box. We hope you enjoy your fresh mail order avocados, from our family to yours.

mail order avocados
Canonita Avocados
Canonita Avocados
california avocados
The best guacamole ever

Simple, quick, and delicious

Since moving to the farm, I have a new appreciation for the simple, delicious beauty of a halved avocado with a dash of coarse sea salt. I had made my own guacamole before but always found it challenging and intensive. But all you need is California avocados, a bit of salt, and a squeeze of lime. That’s why the avocado bomb is perfect for your next party or just a relaxing weekend meal with family.

Don’t get me wrong, adding pico de gallo and garlic or shallots is wonderful, but our Canonita avocados have more than enough depth of flavor enough to tantalize your palette on their own. Trust you haven’t had Hass like this before.

Canonita Avocados

Naturally delicious and direct to you

At Canonita Canyon farms we’ve cut out the middleman. Because when you wholesale avocados, they are picked very early, stored in cold storage for months, and artificially ripened (often with a gas like ethylene oxide). We believe that you should have the freshest California avocados available. So we pick them at the right time, package them the same day, and ship them right to your door. Fresh, mail order avocados you can enjoy them the same way we do right here on the farm. At the height of their ripeness.

I love to chat about cooking and new recipes, so reach out and let me know how you’re using your canonita avocados. Did you add anything to the guac you made with your avocado bomb? I’d love to hear about it!

I may even have some ideas for you! Follow my blog, the Guacamama, for recipes and tales of farm life.

Canonita Avocados
mail order avocados
Canonita Avocados

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