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Canonita Avocados

Fresh California Avocados direct to you

Canonita Avocados

Each Avocado Bomb comes packaged for freshness and inside you will find four jumbo avocados, one lime, two packets of artisanal salt and a foolproof recipe for the simplest, and best guacamole you’ve ever tasted. Experience the best California Avocados on the market with mail order avocados in an Avocado Bomb from Canonita Canyon Farms. The rich, velvety flavor and texture are unmatched and are truly a seasonal delight!

Unmatched Quality

The Avocado Bomb gives you everything you need to make delicious guacamole with just what’s in the box, and you can mash up several variations with things you likely have on hand in your pantry right now. These Canonita Avocados are not the puny so-called “Hass” you’ll find in your local store. They are jumbo, 100% California avocados. Our flavor cannot be matched, and you just cannot fail with our straightforward and delicious guacamole recipes.

You and the guacamole will be the hit of your next party or get-together.

mail order avocados
mail order avocados
california avocados
Canonita Avocados

The Avocado Bomb is not to be trifled with

Bomb Your Friends!

Who doesn’t love getting something delicious in the mail? Send an Avocado Bomb to one of your friends, loved ones, or even a relative stranger. They will definitely thank you after one taste of the guacamole they make with their Canonita Avocados.

Mail Order Avocados

Mail order avocados can brighten anyone’s day. California avocados from Canonita Canyon Farm make the most delicious guacamole; savory heaven.

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